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NSS BITS Pilani has been organising a two-day national sports fest for youth with disabilities every year since 2012 and this time its back in its fourth edition..

"India has a population of over a billion people, with a staggering 20 million of them physically challenged. While numerous NGO's cater to their specific needs and fight for their right to live a normal life, this August 29th and 30th, NSS -BITS Pilani pitches in to give them their right to equality and normalcy. 

Junoon is more than just an event. It is an effort to give the specially abled their right to equality and a sense of acceptance. It is a platform for these young champions to showcase their talent to the more privileged section of society to prove that every human born on this earth bears the tag of being called "equal".
Junoon has taken upon itself to sensitize the next generation of potential leaders to the life of the specially abled.

We do not claim that we are going to redefine sports. But, in our own way, we intend to honor sports for all it stands, competition and chance. This August, the fight gets fiercer, this August, everyone gets their chance, this August, sport triumphs above all. 

Junoon- a unique sporting extravaganza for the specially abled youth of the country is now into its fourth edition. In this new edition of the event, we expect a participation of over 200 participants from all over the country with support from 10 NGO. With all this support and some exciting changes, we expect Junoon 2015 to be an even bigger success than the years gone by have seen."

Says their website.. http://nss-bits-pilani.org/junoon/

Though registration is not yet open and even the events schedule is not out..
But it seems the preparations for the fest have started..


Image Sources: https://www.facebook.com/Junoon.BitsPilani



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