Frosh week paces its preparation to welcome the freshers...

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During these hustle full admission days, some people in Thapar University are even more prepared than those seeking admissions in Thapar.
No, it's not that faculty or the staff that I am talking about, it's the Frosh Team.

For those who don't know, Frosh Week is the initial week for the fresher's of Thapar University, where variety of events are held to welcome new students and help them get rid of their nostalgia. The fiesta is an opportunity for the freshers to find their bearings in a new environment.

In simpler words, in frosh week, Students are made familiar with the university and its atmosphere through a series of events organized by their seniors. This helps them to interact more with the seniors and helps in creating a no ragging atmosphere in the university.

Soon after its existence in 2011, Frosh got the recognition as a society in the university. Within the initial weeks after admission, Frosh organises two set of events for the freshers, namely PROEM and FROSH WEEK. They consist of city tour, department visits, movie nights, workshops, guest lectures, karaoke night and much more..

The seniors are assigned as mentors and chief mentors. They also handle the queries of parents during the counsellings not only this every students is provided with a mentor whom he/she can always run up to for any sort of trouble during their college time.

All in all, frosh week is the treat time for the freshers in Thapar.
And if you are one of the coming to Thapar, just gear up for the FROSH fun...:D

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